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The following is an approximate active count since the 1st January 2016 of the cost in terms of death, injury and environmental impact caused through Road Traffic.

It is for the purpose of demonstrating influence of the motor vehicle on our society rather than being precise data.

United Kingdom Traffic Statistics: Since 1st January 2016
UK Road Traffic Casualties

Road Casualties Great Britain: 2014

UK Road Traffic Fatalities

Cost to the UK

Total Miles Driven

Fuel Consumed (Tons)

Co Emissions (Tons)

Global Traffic Statistics: Since 1st January 2016

By the year 2020 the World Health Organisation predicts that death and injury caused by the motor vehicle globally will increase by about 65% and become the third biggest cause of death.


Global Road Traffic Deaths Since 17th August 1896

 World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention.

World Health Organisation

Geneva 2004

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Global (Annual)  
Road Traffic Fatalities
Cost Crashes (US $)
Vehicle Fleet Growth
Global Co2 Emissions Tons





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